Overview of the CTAC Video Public Service Contest

The Cable Television Advisory Council of Hamden, New Haven and West Haven (CTAC) was established more than 25 years ago by state regulation. The purpose of the group is to act as the voice of the general public with regard to cable television services in these three municipalities. In particular, CTAC is charged with protecting the rights of cable television consumers with regard to issues of service and billing. CTAC is also mandated to see to it that the voices of those in our communities who seek to use cable television to communicate with their fellows are available without censorship or prejudice.

CTAC has decided to sponsor a video production contest (The CTAC Contest for Excellence in Public Service Video Production) to encourage all members of the communities it serves to produce public service videos.

Members established the Contest to encourage a wide cross section of community members to produce videos to serve the diverse needs of their communities as a public service.

Community institutions such as the libraries, arts organizations, government agencies, religious organizations, community service agencies, local print, broadcast, cable and internet providers will be sought as partners in order to reach out to community members as broadly as possible.

To enter the contest:

  1. Start with the Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Read Tips for Your Video Entry.
  3. Review the Judging Rubric.
  4. Plan your video, complete the Application, submit it and wait for approval email.
  5. Create the video and complete the required Parent Permission(s) and Actor Release(s) forms.
  6. Upload the video and notify CTAC.
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